ASPQP™ Engine & Airframe Standards

The Aerospace Standards Part Qualification Program™ (ASPQP) currently administers more than 3,400 engine and airframe standards, about 10% of which are currently considered active and regularly maintained.  More than 900 parts families are approved with certificates of qualification for a number of global suppliers.

Standards Group

Applies To

Number of Standards

Aircraft General Series (AGS)

Mainly airframe parts


Aerospace Standards (AS)

Mainly engine fasteners


Electrical Standard Connectors (ESC)

Engine-related electrical connectors


Reference Sheets (RS)

Reference sheets akin to SAE International® AIRs


Technical Specifications (TS)

Qualification and technical information


Defence Standards (TSC47)

Managed on behalf of UK Ministry of Defence


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These standards are produced by SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC®) with the assistance of, and for the benefit of, the aerospace industry as part of a continuous program of standardization for aerospace application under the control of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) of the SAE ITC.

Where appropriate, additional manufacturing and inspection requirements are issued as Reference Sheets (RS) or Technical Specification (TS).  It is the responsibility of those using or specifying a standard to ensure that the product, process or manufacturer so used or specified is appropriate for the task or role in question.  The SAE ITC emphasizes that Technical Specifications include testing and procedures by which a user or design authority can establish whether a particular manufacturer has the capability to produce hardware in accordance with the appropriate standards and related specifications.